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An honest podcast about the sex offender registry, living with a sex offense, and the challenges that come with being on the “list.” The effects of social ostracism and rejection for ex-offenders are also discussed.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. What It Was Like To Be A Sex Offender In Seagoville Federal Prison

    On December 10, 2007, I self-surrendered to FCI Seagoville, a low-security federal prison outside of Dallas. To this day, I have dreams about my time in Seagoville and the traumatic personal situations I had to endure. Ironically, it wasn't so much the sex offense charge that caused me issues. ...


  2. Vigilante Kills Two Sex Offenders in Bellingham, WA

    On August 27, 2005, two registered sex offenders were murdered in Bellingham, Washington by a vigilante posing as an FBI agent. Victor Vazquez, 68, and Hank Eisses, 49, were shot dead from single gunshot wounds to the head. The killer, Michael Anthony Mullen, got the victims' names, addresses, and photographs ...


  3. My Son Was Arrested For A Sex Offense: The Story of Reset Missouri

    In today's interview, meet Melissa McFadden. Her son, Tony, is currently incarcerated for a sex offense he did not commit. Today, Melissa helps people on the sex offense registry find housing and is the President of Reset Missouri. Watch Melissa's powerful story today on The Outspoken Offender. This important studio discussion ...


  4. Success and Housing On The Sex Offense Registry: Interview With A Prison Advocate

    In the study conducted by Federal Probation, A Journal of Correctional Philosophy and Practice, of the property managers and owners surveyed, 67% indicated that they inquire about criminal history on rental applications. In addition, 85.6% of property managers stated they would not rent to people with felony sex offense ...


  5. Locked Up In Moose Lake - A Civil Commitment Death Sentence

    A recent study (California Department of Mental Health tried to suppress the data) showed just 6.5% of untreated sexually violent predators were arrested for a new sex crime within 4.8 years of release from a locked mental facility. Even with this data, civil commitment facilities still exist. Minnesota is one ...