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An honest podcast about the sex offender registry, living with a sex offense, and the challenges that come with being on the “list.” The effects of social ostracism and rejection for ex-offenders are also discussed.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Utah Man Blasted on the News for Helping Daughters at School

    I have a special guest that you’ll meet here in just a few minutes. His name is Jeremy and he’s on the sex offense registry for a 2013 conviction. Last month, he was negatively portrayed on Fox 13 news in Utah for going onto school property. His daughters go ...


  2. Media Portrayal of Sex Crimes and Cyber Pedophilia

    Has the media created a national moral panic on sex crimes and cyber pedophilia? In this brief podcast episode, I read from the report, "Sex Crimes in the Media" (Tanya Serisier, School of Sociology) and the media representations of child sexual abuse. "The dominant media image of the rapist is a ...


  3. Churches and Modern-Day Lepers

    Once again, people living on the sex offender registry are treated like modern-day lepers, and this time it's at your local church. With law enforcement estimates that 88% of sexual abuse is never reported to authorities, nine of ten people who have sexually abused children will NOT have a criminal ...


  4. How To Move Past The Trauma Of Incarceration

    "Soul Murder", a phrase coined by Dr. James Gilligan, professor of psychology and law at NYU, can be used to describe incarceration. In other words, the trauma of prison can destroy someone's personality and their sense of being alive. This negative effect on someone's life can also be described ...


  5. Fair Chance Housing For Registered Sex Offenders - Is It Actually Fair?

    There are at least four cities in the United States that have passed fair chance housing legislation: Portland, Seattle, Oakland, and Richmond. In addition, other cities have a variation of fair chance housing policies: Urbana, Illinois; Madison, Wisconsin; San Francisco, California; Newark, New Jersey and growing numbers of other jurisdictions. Are ...