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An honest podcast about the sex offender registry, living with a sex offense, and the challenges that come with being on the “list.” The effects of social ostracism and rejection for ex-offenders are also discussed.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Courts Are Lying To You About Sex Offenders

    A false idea has gained traction. Is it too late to reverse? In 1986, an article in Psychology Today, a magazine written for a general audience, stated, "Most untreated sex offenders released from prison go on to commit more offenses — indeed, as many as 80 percent do." That article was ...


  2. One Cannot Choose To Not Be A Pedophile

    Are people born with pedophilia? Do pedophiles deserve sympathy? Before we can answer these questions, we must remember there are differences between being a pedophile and a child molester. People CAN choose to molest children, but the opposite may be true for ...


  3. The Importance of Support For Registered Sex Offenders and Families

    When we are going through difficult times in our lives, the need for a community of support is crucial to our recovery. If you or a loved-on has been affected by the criminal justice system or has been placed on the sex offender registry, there is a new online ...


  4. Sex Offender By Association - A Personal Story

    Do you have a loved-one on the sex offender registry? Is your life negatively affected because a loved-one is under SORNA restrictions? Millions of people are "Sex Offenders by Association" due to strident rules, public humiliation, and shame because of the registry. In this short podcast episode, I'll read a ...


  5. Dating Apps and the Sex Offender Registry

    The Match Group which owns 45 dating apps is cracking down on registered sex offenders from using their services. In fact, a House subcommittee is investigating popular dating services such as Tinder and Bumble for allegedly allowing minors and sex offenders to use their services. As Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, ...